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killing karma

Killing Karma started out as a lyric video - a simpler form of music video based primarily on the song's lyrics - but Sol wanted to frame the lyrics in a more creative way, so she decided to make a Sol Doll to do the job. She spent three days making the doll, sewing the clothes and shoes, and painting them to look as Sol-ish as possible. The head was made of clay, and required several hours' work in front of a mirror, shaping and sculpting with a nail file while studying the real Sol's reflection. She cut off some of her real hair, sewed and glued it to the head and braided and crocheted it all into a hairdo. She then painted the face to look like a miserable Sol.

The real Sol quickly realised that the video had more potential than just being a lyric video, and the story developed as she worked, demanding more and more scenery and props. She ended up spending three full weeks working every day from dusk till dawn, making a full stop motion animation - a moving video comprised solely of still pictures.

Killing Karma is made of 6780 still pictures, all taken with an iPhone. These were processed and made into 132 separate small video sequences, which were in turn added to the main film and together became the full length Killing Karma music video.

Sol did all the work herself - from making the Sol Doll and taking the pictures, to editing the video - apart from one important thing: credit for the hairdo on the real Sol goes to 'Nina the hairdresser'.

This is Sol’s first animation ever. And it won't be the last!

Fun fact: She had to take the skirt off the Sol Doll when she realised that the doll was unable to execute high kicks with the tight skirt on. So - art/nudity by accident!

Killing Karma


AMERICA started off with a little seed of an idea in Sol's mind, and was slowly developed over three months. Being used to make small behind the scenes videos with Katzenjammer and other short clips, she decided to do everything herself. The video is directed, edited, filmed and performed by Sol.

She used 744 hours to make the video, the raw material is 27 hours long and she filmed 42 locations in addition to 24 close ups in her living room and garden.

The core of the idea was to step by step draw a complete black and white drawing by dividing it into 120 a3 paper sheets and make it cover 15 square meters when being hung up on a wall. She drew different pieces in different locations all around Oslo, Bærum and Valdres, places she has a close relation to. Sol spent about one hour in every location and one picture took approximately 30 minutes to draw. She then sped up every clip until they lasted only a few seconds. after three months, she had finished the editing of the home made video, all filmed with her iPhone.

"Fortunately, I had a little help from my friends" Sol says. "My good friend Hanne Mari Karlsen and Julie Lindvik was watching my iPhone when I filmed in crowded locations, so nobody would steal it! My dear friend Unni Wilhelmsen spent a day with me on her motorbike and at a tennis court, all though the tennis video didn't end up in the final cut. My brave brother dared to drive around with me on top of his super truper cool green car, and my band mates Hanne Mari Karlsen and Olav Senstad drove in front of me on the car scene with the trunk door open and holding my iPhone steady. Gyro Leira from my management and Hanne helped me with fastening sticky tack and double sided tape on all 120 sheets for preparing the fastening to the wall sequence. That took two days! My dear Johan Schioldborg helped me picking up the ginormous cherry picker that was way too big for my car to pull, but i did it all the same. The cherry picker sequence lasted for 11 hours.. and for that sequence I needed for the first time some camera help from my friend Axel Løvold, cause I can't fly and he's got a drone. And last but not least, my very skilled sister, who helped me out with the logistics of the drawing. So i want to thank them all for helping me reach my goal!"




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